Landscaping Services

Our Landscaping Services

Investing in your garden is a big decision and with good landscaping design, you can improve the value of your home by up to 3 quarters of its value according to recent studies.

Whether you are planning a complete re-design or would like an update to a specific area.  We can advise you on the right balance of hard landscaping and soft landscaping that will meet your unique requirements.



landscaping paving area

Patios and Paving Options 

A patio is a perfect addition when landscaping your garden.

Not only does a patio enhance your garden creating additional living and entertaining space but can last for decades.

Although porcelain paving is our most popular selling feature we can install a variety of paving options including natural sandstone, granite, limestone and, concrete paving with riven and textured finishes.

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Horizontal fencing

Decking and Balustrade

Decking is incredibly versatile and a common landscaping feature in thousands of gardens. You can choose a standard softwood deck board or upgrade for increased longevity to a hardwood such as yellow balau or choose a low maintenance composite decking system. We also create raised decking and incorporate balustrade systems as a safety feature, constructed from glass, timber, stainless-steel, or rope.

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slate wall


Retaining walls are often a key structural aspect of a landscaping project but can also be constructed to differentiate between garden areas or to define a garden boundary. They are most commonly built with concrete blocks with a rendered finish.

We also offer handcrafted dry stone stonewalling or bespoke walls crafted from stone with a mortared joint. You can also choose to create a modern look using gabion cages dressed with natural stone.

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horizontal timber fencing

Fences and gates

Fences are the most functional aspect of our landscaping service by providing security and screening for your property. We offer standard fence panels and feather edge fencing with timber or concrete fence posts or we can install decorative screening and trellis.

In addition, we can custom make gates to suit your needs.

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porcelain pathway with planting border


Pathways provide a safe transition between areas in your garden and are a key consideration when landscaping your garden. The shape and style of a pathway has endless possibilities including stepping stones, paving, gravel, or grass, and can be edged with a variety of materials or planting borders.

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Raised beds

Raised beds are becoming a popular addition to modern landscaping. Whether you want a raised growing space for planting or a dedicated area to grow your own vegetables, a raised bed can provide an easily accessible area that is safer on your back and knees.

We can custom make raised beds in any shape and size in either oak sleepers or concrete blocks with a rendered finish for increased longevity.

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Oak sleepers are one of the most versatile materials in landscaping design. They can be used to create raised beds, borders and can retain areas in your garden. We can also custom-make benches and features or plane them to create unique cladding.

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porcelain steps with curved retaining wall


Steps are an essential aspect of landscaping your garden. We will design your garden and incorporate steps as a safe transition between levels whilst positioning them in a way that maximise space.

Steps can be constructed out  of paving, granite, stone, and timber or finished with gravel and your chosen balustrade if required.

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pergola and artifical grass


All our pergolas are custom made by hand and are defiantly worth considering when you are landscaping your garden. Not only are pergolas a beautiful feature they also create shade, define space, and provide the perfect vertical planting area for your trailing plants.

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Turf and Artificial Grass

A natural lawn is a simple way to landscape your garden it provides drainage and offers lots of environmental benefits. We always lay a quality seeded turf from a local company and if maintained, your lawn will continue to look fabulous in years to come.

Artificial grass is a practical alternative to a natural lawn and is ideal for those with modern lifestyles with less time to dedicate to lawn maintenance. Although this landscaping option is more expensive, a well maintained artificial lawn can last between 15-20 years.

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