How much will it cost to landscape my garden?

No two gardens are the same. Each customer comes with their own list of requirements and each garden comes with unique challenges. Therefore, it is impossible to provide a quote from an email, pictures or over the phone and to give an accurate quote a site survey would be required.

However, to give you the most realistic expectation you should consider your garden as an additional room to your home. A complete garden makeover is similar to installing a new kitchen with appliances or building an extension which can cost between £7,000 to £50,000+ depending on the size and scope of the work required.


How can I compare quote between contractors?

We strongly recommend you get more than one quote and consider each carefully.

All quotes you received will never be identical as each company will work differently regarding the amount of groundworks they complete, quality of materials they use and quality of their finish. Prices also reflects a company’s size, experience, qualifications, insurance and licenses, VAT status, reputation and how busy they are. There will also be differences in the scope of what has been priced for especially if we are not quoting from a detailed landscaping plan.

We are not the cheapest, but our high standards, extensive experiance and quality of service is reflected in our price and we will not cut corners to beat other companies quote.

What factors can affect the cost of a project?


Good access and parking can make the price cheaper due to the materials and machinery moving around more effectively and we are able to use the most appropriate machinery for the work required. This will increase productivity by speeding up the process. Poor access is time consuming and costly, for example hiring cranes to get materials into the garden, transferring materials through the house or moving materials by hand.


If we have space to store tools, equipment and machinery it is a cost saving. Having access to a garage where we can safety store tools reduces labour costs because transporting tools to and from site every day is time consuming. It is also cheaper to have materials delivered in bulk if there is space to store it.


Access to toilets, water and electricity reduces cost. It ensures we remain productive and no further costs are involved with supplying them.


70% of our work is preparation and ground works. It is the most important part of a project and is something you will not see in the finish product. All groundworks will be completed to the highest of standards to ensure structures are safe, they meet legal requirements and to make sure they are built to last.

We will never compromise on this to reduce the cost of quote.

Slope of the garden

Working on slopes provides its own challenges. A tiered or sloping garden may cost more due to the additional requirements of health and safety, the additional labour and machinery required to transport materials safely through different levels.

Also sloping gardens often require more groundworks which increases waste cost, labour and materials as additional excavation, retaining walls, steps, pathways and hand rails may be required due to building regulations.


If drainage is poor or if extensive hard landscaping is required, we will need to install drainage and/or soakaways which increases costs.

Soil quality

Poor soil can increase costs by making excavations more labour intensive. Poor soil may need to be improved or replaced to make it more suitable especially when planting and laying lawns.


The cost of your project doesn’t end when we leave you. You should factor in the cost of maintaining your new garden in the long-term.

  • Do you need to buy a new mower or tools?
  • Do you need to hire a gardener to keep on top of it?
  • Are you aware that products such as paving, decking and artificial grass requires maintenance and care to ensure their longevity?


When setting a budget for your garden we strongly recommend you do not agree to work at the top end of your budget and we encourage customers to allow a contingency fund for anything unforeseen. Our quotes are for standard works and on a rare occasion there may be unforeseen costs which arise due to hidden drains, structures, waste and stumps etc.

When works are underway the majority of our customers want to add extras to their quote. Areas which once looked fine now look tired, old or out of place compared to the new structures which are taking shape. To avoid disappointment a budget for extras should be set aside for items such a lighting, planting, extending or replacing existing structures or adding additional features.

Boundary disputes

Neighbourly disputes can be costly in legal fees, costs of wasted productivity and the additional labour and materials costs required to rectify any problems. To avoid this, we recommend neighbours are informed before the project commences of anything that may inconvenience them or where works are conducted on or near boundaries. Any permission required from your neighbour should be put in writing for peace of mind.

Can you do it cheaper?


Our price is our price and we will never cut any corners to make a quote cheaper. You are paying for highly skilled craftsmen with years of experience in structural engineering, horticulture and design to ensure the highest quality of product and finish. We are fully licensed, insured and provide guarantees on all our works for peace of mind.

We price every job from scratch and not by the unit to ensure each job is priced for the exact amount of work required and we will always give you the best material prices from all our suppliers at the time of quotation.


We believe that gardens should be built to last, we work closely with a small number of trusted suppliers and will only use good quality materials. Poor or substandard materials will not only look inferior in their finish but will not last as long and can compromise the safety and the integrity of the structure.

Customers can source their own materials to reduce costs however we will only use products and materials that are of good quality and from a trusted supplier or organisation.

We do provide a range of good quality material options which vary in price and savings can be made by being selective with your materials. For example, soft wood instead of hard wood, timber decking instead of composite or younger smaller plants instead of mature plants.

Waste removal

We are licensed to transport waste but for large volumes we need to use waste removal companies which is more expensive. You have the option of arranging waste removal yourself or we can advise on the best design to leave as much waste in the garden as possible to reduce costs.


We are often asked if it will be cheaper if the customer clears the garden first. In most cases this doesn’t reduce the price by much. Our team clear the garden in a specific way which reduces time, waste and mess and allows us to be more productive by preparing the groundworks as we go.

Clearing a garden for us can increase the amount of work we need to do if it has not been done properly. However, it is useful to remove any large waste items from your garden to save on waste costs such as broken children’s equipment, rubbish etc.


We do get asked “Will it be cheaper if I help?

Unfortunately for health and safety and insurance reasons we do not permit anyone other than an employee, subcontractor or professional contractor to assist us in any of our work.


There are some ways to reduce cost further

  • Reducing the amount of hard landscaping and increase soft landscaping such as planting and lawns.
  • Reduce the ‘added extras’ such as painting, lighting, structures and features.
  • Change your expensive paving area to gravel or change artificial turf for standard seeded turf.
  • Change custom made trellis for manufactured panels.
  • Choose to have your garden completed in stages to spread the cost.
  • Choose a design that does not require planning permission. The application process is an additional cost in terms of paying for detailed plans and the fees to submit your paperwork.

Save or spread the cost

After considering all the above information if your desired specifications are still priced over your budget we strong advise that you take the time to save up or have the work completed in stages.